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Same Day Crowns

Why should it take two weeks to get a dental crown? It shouldn’t. Gone are the days of making a series of visits to the dentist as he prepares, takes impressions, places a temporary crown and then you wait two weeks for the crown to come back from the lab.


Why couldn’t a crown be prepared in a single visit? Peoria Dental, using advanced digital computer technology, provides you with precisely fitted all-ceramic crowns in a matter of hours.


A dental crown is needed for several reasons… the tooth may be damaged through decay or from breaking or chipping. A crown may be necessary to hold a dental bridge in place, to cover a severely discolored tooth or a dental implant.


When you visit the office, our dental team will give you calm assurance to take any stress away and explain the procedure to restore your tooth like new. Following a thorough examination, the dentist will take several x-rays to check the roots of the tooth, perform a cleaning as necessary and apply a local anesthetic.


The tooth is then shaped or built up to support the crown. Best of all, through digital scan imaging, it’s now possible to precisely create the exact design and color match the all-ceramic crown must take to be cosmetically bonded with your tooth. No waiting weeks for a lab to bring back the crown – it will be made in our office and you can actually watch the amazing milling process!

Dental crowns were invented as a last resort for decayed or damaged teeth before a tooth extraction became necessary.


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